Naked Brothers in Big Truffle over Magic Mushrooms

Police Line TapePsilocybins, aka “magic mushrooms” are toxic mushrooms that can often be found growing out of manure in many a cow pasture. The toxins contained in the mushrooms have hallucinatory properties very similar to those of LSD or peyote. Aside from the impairment to all the body’s senses that one may experience, the drug also has a profound effect upon one’s behavior: many of the mental checks that the mind places on itself to prevent “acting like a complete idiot” go by the wayside.

Recently, two brothers in Indiana—and the unlucky residents of an apartment complex—discovered just how heavy-duty a drug psilocybin is. The two went on a rampage while under the influence of the hallucinogenic mushrooms. According to reports of witnesses, the two ran around buck naked, attacked people, threatened the life of the apartment complex’s property manager (who was warning other residents to stay away from the tripping twosome), damaged property, broke into parked cars (leaving blood in the interiors), and, at one point, were seen passionately kissing each other near a garbage dumpster. So, as a result of these events, the lads are charged with 17 criminal counts, including public nudity, battery, and resisting arrest.

Voluntary Intoxication

In Illinois, it is not a defense to criminal charges that you were intoxicated by a substance you knowingly and willingly took.

Once upon a time, voluntary intoxication was considered a defense to any criminal charge that involved the element of specific intent. It used to be that the law allowed that a person might not be in his or her “right mind” and that he or she therefore could not formulate the knowledge or intent to act unlawfully.

But years ago, that defense was written out of the statute books in Illinois because it became increasingly clear that, for many people, imbibing alcohol or drugs would cause anti-social, violent, and even bizarre behavior. It was felt that, if people were knowingly going to put themselves in that mental state, then they should be responsible for the ugly consequences that followed. So, if you are uncertain of how a substance might affect you…then you would do well to avoid taking that substance in the first place. Otherwise, you may later find out from inside a jail cell.

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Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : October 18, 2019