Criminal & Traffic Case Results

Since 1990, the attorneys of Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC have fought hard for our clients’ rights. Here are just a few of our many victories.

Drug DUI with Injuries Trial

Our client who was not a “DUI first Offender”, was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or a combination of drugs arising out of a multiple car accident with personal injuries. He was found Not Guilty of all counts after a Bench Trial, even though our client made alleged admissions to having consumed heroin prior to the accident and was alleged to have caused the collision by driving too fast for conditions, making an improper lane change, and failing to reduce speed to avoid the collision.


Accident Resulting in Death Trial

Our client, who was a CDL truck driver, was charged with a failure to reduce speed and disobeying a traffic control device after crashing into a passenger vehicle that resulted in the death of the other driver. Our experienced attorney refused to accept a plea deal and instead took the case to trial where his knowledgeable use of video evidence resulted in a finding of not guilty on all counts.

Criminal Trespass to State Land Trial

Our client who was already on felony probation was offered jail time. We chose to do a trial instead. Despite the fact the police officer testified that he saw our client on private property standing in front of a “No Trespassing” sign, and even though our client did not testify, we won the case and all charges were thrown out.

DUI Trial and Motion

Our client was faced with a second DUI within 5 years and a 3 year mandatory suspension of license. Although the police officer testified that he pulled over the car for suspicious activity and no rear light, our attorney argued that there was no legal basis for the stop and the Judge agreed. As a result, we won the DUI and the suspension was completely vacated.

Felony Theft Trial

Our bank teller client was charged with multiple felony counts for fraudulently giving out the bank’s money to others. Even though all captured on videotape, our experienced lawyer beat the entire case.

Unlawful Use of Weapon (UUW) Trial

When pulled over for a traffic stop, the officer testified that our client reached beneath his seat for a loaded handgun. The States Attorney offered a plea deal of a conviction which would have barred our client from ever owning a gun. We instead chose to do a bench trial during which our knowledgeable attorney filed a motion to quash the arrest and suppress the evidence. The Judge agreed and all charges were dismissed.

Leaving Scene of Accident Trial

Testimony at trial indicated that our client had confessed to the offense. The attorney on the legal team at Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC objected to the testimony and the Judge agreed to exclude the confession. As a result, our client was found not guilty and released.

Fatigued Driving Accident Trial

Our client crashed into a stopped Illinois Department of Transportation truck on the highway causing very serious injuries to the truck driver. Despite the State Trooper’s testimony at trial that our client admitted to falling asleep at the wheel, our trial attorney personally viewed the accident scene in preparation and then was able to convince the judge that our client was not responsible for the accident, resulting in a ruling of not guilty on all traffic tickets.

Possession with Intent to Deliver Motion

Client confessed to selling drugs from a store and was offered a year in jail by prosecutor. But our legal team filed a motion to suppress evidence based upon the arrest taking place inside the store and not outside as the officers testified. Judge agreed with our attorney and all of the evidence was suppressed leading to a dismissal of all charges.

Mob Action & Disorderly Conduct Trial

Our client was offered a deal to cop out for a conviction and community service. Instead, we chose to do a bench trial. After a blistering cross-examination of the complaining witness, the Court found our client not guilty on all counts.

Felony DUI & Revoked License Motion

Arrested for felony DUI and driving on a revoked license, our client faced up to five hard years in the penitentiary. We filed a Motion to Quash Arrest and the Judge agreed. As a result, all criminal charges were completely dismissed.

Battery Trial

At trial, 4 witnesses swore under oath that our client attacked victims including an off-duty police officer. But after trial, he was found not guilty on all charges even though our client had no witnesses.

Resisting & Obstructing Arrest Trial

Police witnessed our client purchase drugs, and then swallow them when arrested. Although he even confessed to swallowing the drugs, our extensive research and hard work at trial resulted in all not guilty verdicts.

Felony Theft Jury Trial

Our client, a store manager, was accused of stealing a great deal of money. We chose to do a trial instead of accepting a reduced charge and convinced the jury to find our client not guilty on all counts.

DUI Trial

According to trial testimony, our client was arrested for drunk driving after almost running over people watching the Chicago Marathon. Then after being pulled over, threatened the police officer and tried to punch him in the face. After a bench trial, our attorney nevertheless succeeded in getting a finding of not guilty on the DUI.

Reckless Driving & High Speeding Trial

During trial, the officer attempted to refresh his memory from his personal notes of the arrest. Our attorney objected based upon a discovery violation and the Judge agreed to suppress the information. Due to his quick thinking, the Judge found our client not guilty.

Battery & Resisting Police Trial

Client was alleged to have pushed the police officer and then resisted arrest. After a bench trial, the charges were dismissed and our client was found not guilty.

Felony Public Indecency Trial

Our client had previously been convicted of public indecency on multiple occasions, had been a registered sex offender and faced mandatory lifetime registration if convicted. Our experienced attorney argued a loophole in the law to the Judge. The prosecutor realized that he was likely going to lose if the trial continued and agreed to reduce the very serious felony charge to a misdemeanor which required no sex offender registration.

Battery Trial

Our client was charged with battery for striking someone in the head with an object. But even though he was positively identified in court by an eyewitness, at trial we won his case and he was fully acquitted on all charges.

Violation of Order of Protection Motion

Our team filed a motion to dismiss with the court based upon extensive legal research conducted on a divorce case that had been pending. That research resulted in the motion being granted and all charges being dismissed.

DUI Trial

When arrested, our client admitted to drinking and flunked all of the field sobriety tests. By careful cross-examination of the police officer, our attorney exploited an inconsistency in the officer’s police reports. The Judge agreed to dismiss the case entirely without our client ever even needing to testify.

Battery Trial

Charged with attacking the “repo man” by slamming the door in his face and spitting at him, we advised the client not to “cop out” and instead we went to trial. After a strong cross-examination, our client was fully acquitted.

Criminal Trespass & Disorderly Conduct Trial

Police found our client sitting in the victim’s back yard after being previously arrested on “peeping tom” charges at the very same home. But our hard work paid off at trial when the defendant was acquitted of all allegations.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault Motion

Facing many years in jail on a felony probation violation, we filed a Motion to vacate our client’s conviction on a related case and conducted extensive research ultimately resulting in a full dismissal.

Battery Bench Trial

Our client was alleged to have argued with a train conductor and touched him with his bicycle causing a battery. After a bench trial was held, out attorney was successful and won the case.

Theft Trial

Our client was caught with a truck containing stolen backhoes that contained tracking devices. Despite the strong evidence against our client, a motion for directed finding was granted on all counts.

Criminal Trespass to Residence

Defendant and his family caught squatting in a house and arrested. Despite the fact that the defendant did not hold an actual title to the house, the Judge agreed with our attorney’s legal arguments and was found not guilty.

Self-Defense Battery Trial

Prosecutor offered our client a conviction and an agreement to stay away from the victim, but our client requested a bench trial instead. We asserted that our client acted in self-defense. Trial held and Judge agreed, dismissing all charges.

Battery Bench Trial

Our client was charged with battery and a trial was held. Despite statements from at least four other people that she had committed the crime, our client was found not guilty after the attorney from Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC completed her cross-examination. The Judge held that our client was likely the only person telling the truth.

Unlawful Use of Weapon Bench Trial

Our client was arrested for carrying a gun in an enclosed backpack with a loaded mag clip in his pocket. Our attorney made an impassioned legal argument that the backpack constituted a closed container and the Judge agreed, finding our client not guilty of all charges.

Felony Revoked License Motion

After being charged with a revoked license ticket based upon a DUI, our attorney prepared a motion arguing that the case should be thrown out due to a technicality involving another State issuing a subsequent driver’s license. The member of our legal team convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case without even having to argue the motion.

DUI Motions and Bench Trial

Our client blew over .08 and took part in video-taped field sobriety tests. Motions were filed and the Judge agreed that all of the evidence should be suppressed. Then a bench trial was held and the Judge agreed that there was insufficient evidence to convict.

DUI Motion

After picking up a woman and going to the store to buy cigarettes, our client’s truck was blocked in by police who alleged that he had picked up a prostitute. Our client was also charged with DUI. A motion to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension was filed and the Judge agreed that the stop was improper and unreasonable. Faced with certain defeat, the State’s Attorney agreed to dismiss all charges.

Felony Cannabis Possession Motion

Our client was arrested for a felony amount of cannabis after police kicked down the door without a warrant claiming that a confidential informant told them there was a gun inside used in a murder. Police claimed that client’s fiancé had then given them permission to search the house. We filed a Motion to Suppress and Quash Arrest and were successful n winning the case.

Public Indecency

While serving a sentence for public indecency, our client was picked out of a photo lineup as the perpetrator of yet another public indecency crime. Even though the victim testified at trial that he was the flasher, our skilled attorney was able to undermine the victim’s testimony and present an alibi. As a result, the Judge found our client not guilty.

Suspended Driver’s License Motion

Our attorney filed a Motion to Dismiss the charge based upon statutory language requiring the offense to have occurred on a public road. Judge agreed with our interpretation and dismissed the entire case.

Battery Bench Trial

It was alleged that our client had committed a battery against another employee by grabbing her by the wrist during work hours. Especially because our client’s job was at stake we demanded a trial. Despite testimony from the complaining witness that the battery occurred, the Judge sided with out legal team and found the defendant not guilty of all charges.

Sexual Assault Bench Trial

Even though the prosecutor was able to establish that the defendant’s phone had been used to send a Snapchat photo of a woman being sexually assaulted, and even though the defendant did not testify, our experienced attorney was able to convince the Judge to find him not guilty.

DUI Motion

Our attorney was able to convince the Judge to dismiss the DUI case after filing a motion to dismiss the charge based upon the police officer lacking probable cause to arrest.

Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon Motion

We filed a Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence after our client was arrested with a gun in his car. The Judge agreed with our argument that the police officer lacked sufficient probably cause to pull over the car and dismissed the case.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Despite the fact that multiple witnesses testified at trial that our client had pulled a knife on a family member, and despite the fact that our own client even admitted to doing so, the member of our experienced legal team was still able to convince the Judge to find our client completely not guilty of all charges.

Disclaimer — Listed above is a sampling of verdicts and results from criminal and traffic cases that have been litigated by attorneys of Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC. These verdicts and results are presented for illustrative purposes only and represent only a small portion of the thousands of cases handled by our legal team. But as no two cases are alike, they should not be construed as a guarantee or prediction that we will obtain these or similar results on any other case.