November 18th, 2019

Do You Have to Drive to be Charged With Drunk Driving?

Just recently, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced his retirement, citing a number of considerations including health concerns and a desire to spend more time with his family. At the time that he made that announcement however, Chicago’s highest-ranking police officer had another news-worthy matter pending, although one which he has denied influenced his...

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November 11th, 2019

Chicago Police Superintendent to Retire

This week, the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Eddie Johnson, age 60, which is the second largest police department in the nation, announced his retirement. He had originally been appointed to the post of “top cop” a little over three years ago by the former Mayor of Chicago in the wake of the public...

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November 5th, 2019

Chicago Prosecutor’s Office to Employ Emotional Support Dog!

During a swearing-in ceremony at the Cook County Criminal Courts building in Chicago earlier this week, and attended by Cook County States Attorney Kim Fox, a Labrador Retriever named Hatty was sworn-in as the newest employee of the prosecutor’s office. During the ceremony, she stood on her hind legs and put her paw on a...

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September 2nd, 2019

Your Guide to Chicago School Zone Speeding Tickets

In most cases, a speeding ticket is essentially a costly nuisance — and a reminder to slow down. If, however, you receive a school zone speeding ticket, you could be facing significantly harsher consequences, including a criminal conviction and an exorbitant fine. To ensure that you understand the potential ramifications of the ticket you were...

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August 26th, 2019

Is CBD Oil Legal in Illinois in 2019?

What a difference a generation or two can make! During the tumultuous decade of the 1960s, teenagers and young adults smoked marijuana as part of a larger counter-culture explosion across the nation. Then came the “War on Drugs” that started in the 1970s, and it was still going strong at the end of the century....

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August 19th, 2019

Illinois Criminal Sexual Abuse Laws Facts and Statistics

The mere accusation of sexual assault can be devastating to your career, your family, and your future – and that’s before the accusation ever makes it in front of a jury. It is for this reason that you need an experienced attorney by your side. It is also crucial that you have a clear understanding...

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August 12th, 2019

Chicago Wiretap Laws and Your Rights

It seems as though every crime drama on television or the big screen includes at least one law enforcement agency tapping the bad guy’s phone. Understandably, that may lead you to believe that wiretaps and cell phone tapping are commonplace during a criminal investigation. The truth, however, is that tapping a suspect’s phone is not...

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August 5th, 2019

Can Police Enter Your Home Without a Warrant?

Imagine there is a knock on your door. When you open the door, you realize it is the police. The officer tells you they want to search your home; however, the officer does not offer to show you a warrant. Can police enter your house without a warrant? What should you do in that situation?...

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July 29th, 2019

What Happens If You Get Multiple Speeding Tickets?

If you drive often or long enough, the odds that you will eventually get a speeding ticket are high. Most of the time, a speeding ticket is just an expensive reminder to slow down and pay attention to the posted speed limit. If you are issued multiple speeding tickets in a relatively short period, however,...

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