February 25th, 2020

Miranda Warnings: Myths and Truths Part 2

In last week’s blog about the Miranda Warnings, we discussed that there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how these warnings apply to a defendant’s individual case and whether a failure on the part of the police may later prove valuable in court. For decades, television has helped popularize the importance of Miranda warnings, but...

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February 19th, 2020

Miranda Warnings: Myths and Truths Part 1

Do you have the right to remain silent? Technically yes. Will anything you say be used against you? You bet it will! Do you have the right to have an attorney present during questioning? Well yes, but good luck getting the police to arrange that! If you can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed...

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February 4th, 2020

Reducing a DUI Charge to Reckless Driving

For many decades in Chicago and other Illinois city courts, experienced criminal defense attorneys sought out special plea deals from prosecutors seeking “reduced” or “amended” charges so that the original charge of DUI could be changed to that of “Reckless Driving”. There were many reasons for this, including that: Reckless Driving just sounds much better...

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January 27th, 2020

Can My Criminal Record Be Found Online?

Whether you’re applying for a job, trying to get into a school or seeking anything else that might require a background check, the question often arises about whether your criminal history can be discovered. Once upon a time (about 30 years ago), before there was something called the internet (yes, there was a time when...

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January 20th, 2020

Top 3 Worst DUI Defenses

Being charged with driving under the Influence is serious business. In Chicago and in every courthouse across the State of Illinois, even a first-time misdemeanor DUI offender is subject to a maximum of a $2500 fine and up to 365 days in jail. Depending on the person’s criminal and traffic background, this maximum penalty may...

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January 13th, 2020

What is the Defense of Necessity?

It’s 10:30pm. A Chicago Police Officer hits his lights and pulls over a motorist for speeding on Lake Shore Drive. The officer slowly walks up the window of the vehicle and asks the driver exactly how fast he thinks he was going. After all, the policeman explains, the driver was travelling at over 75 miles...

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January 8th, 2020

What Does “Assault and Battery” Really Mean?

Turn on any television show involving criminal lawyers, courts or crime, and you will undoubtedly hear about some defendant who has been charged with “assault and battery”. To most people, this charge means that someone has been charged with a crime for beating someone else up or injuring them in some way. Sometimes that is...

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January 3rd, 2020

Top 4 Worst Speeding Excuses

You’re driving down the highway when you see the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. You slow your car to a stop as the police officer parks behind you and begins to exit has squad car. You think to yourself, “what would be a good excuse to tell the officer”? Well, here is...

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December 26th, 2019

Don’t Confuse Your Google Search with Legal Advice

It seems like you can learn how to do just about anything on the internet! You can learn how to make your own soap, treat a bee sting, or get a red wine stain out of your carpeting. The number of things that you can discover online are endless. If you’ve got a medical issue,...

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