January 20th, 2020

Top 3 Worst DUI Defenses

Being charged with driving under the Influence is serious business. In Chicago and in every courthouse across the State of Illinois, even a first-time misdemeanor DUI offender is subject to a maximum of a $2500 fine and up to 365 days in jail. Depending on the person’s criminal and traffic background, this maximum penalty may...

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January 13th, 2020

What is the Defense of Necessity?

It’s 10:30pm. A Chicago Police Officer hits his lights and pulls over a motorist for speeding on Lake Shore Drive. The officer slowly walks up the window of the vehicle and asks the driver exactly how fast he thinks he was going. After all, the policeman explains, the driver was travelling at over 75 miles...

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January 8th, 2020

What Does “Assault and Battery” Really Mean?

Turn on any television show involving criminal lawyers, courts or crime, and you will undoubtedly hear about some defendant who has been charged with “assault and battery”. To most people, this charge means that someone has been charged with a crime for beating someone else up or injuring them in some way. Sometimes that is...

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January 3rd, 2020

Top 4 Worst Speeding Excuses

You’re driving down the highway when you see the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. You slow your car to a stop as the police officer parks behind you and begins to exit has squad car. You think to yourself, “what would be a good excuse to tell the officer”? Well, here is...

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December 26th, 2019

Don’t Confuse Your Google Search with Legal Advice

It seems like you can learn how to do just about anything on the internet! You can learn how to make your own soap, treat a bee sting, or get a red wine stain out of your carpeting. The number of things that you can discover online are endless. If you’ve got a medical issue,...

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December 16th, 2019

New Illinois Laws for 2020

Our legislators in the Illinois House and Illinois Senate filed nearly 10,000 pieces of legislation during our State’s 100th General Assembly (which is also Illinois’ bicentennial year celebrating 200 years of Statehood). Of those, over 1200 passed both Houses and were sent to the Governor who then approved 1044 of them and vetoed 135. In...

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December 9th, 2019

Chicago Guide to Retail Theft Offenses – Part 2

In our last blog (Chicago Guide to Retail Theft – Part 1) we detailed a number of different situations regarding Retail Theft that can be found in the Illinois Compiled Statutes and are described therein as being against the law. Here in part 2, we explain several additional sets of circumstances that may also result...

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December 2nd, 2019

Chicago Guide to Retail Theft Offenses – Part 1

In Chicago and in every city in Illinois, retail theft is the legal term that describes what is also commonly known as shoplifting. The Illinois statute governing this crime basically says that anytime a person does something that is intended to deprive a merchant of their merchandise in some way without receiving the full retail...

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November 25th, 2019

Chicago Child Endangerment Guide

With bitter cold weather now upon us in Chicago, it’s a good idea to discuss a particular offense that commonly occurs during the winter. Endangering the life or health of a child is a criminal offense that occurs in all neighborhoods in Chicago and across the entire state of Illinois. It affects people who are...

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