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Sexner & Associates LLC supports our governmental agencies in their fight against Covid-19. We remain open for business and our phone lines remain open 24/7 to assist our clients.
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All of our employees are aware that if they are sick, they are not to report to work. At our locations, we have also taken precautions to protect all parties through the use of masks and clear shielding. In addition, we encourage meetings by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom to help support social distancing. If you are a current client, be assured that your case remains a priority and is being actively managed by your attorney in accordance with our high standards.


May 19th, 2020

Chicago Criminal Case Arrests Drop During Coronavirus Outbreak

During the period of time from late March to late April last month (the time period involving the first 30 days of Governor Pritzker’s stay-at-home order), the Chicago Police reported less than 1500 arrests, in contrast to nearly 5000 arrests by the CPD in the same period last year. Chicago Police, who routinely make dozens...

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May 14th, 2020

Who Can “Drop the Charges”?

Many times, someone will say that they heard that the victim of their criminal or traffic case intends to “drop the charges” and the person just wants to confirm that they will be able to do that. Well, unless the “they” that’s being referred to is the prosecutor, “they” can’t. Not even a judge can...

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May 6th, 2020

What’s the Prosecutor’s Job?

Many people believe that it is the job of a prosecutor to fight as hard as he or she can to prove everyone guilty, convict them, put them in jail, or otherwise exact the most severe punishment possible against all defendants. This is a common misunderstanding, although it is an understandable misunderstanding. It likely arises...

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April 27th, 2020

Can I Take Back my Guilty Plea?

You were charged with an offense, perhaps a petty traffic citation, local ordinance violation, or something more serious, such as a criminal misdemeanor or felony. For whatever reasons you had at the time, you entered a plea of guilty in the matter. Now, you have decided that was a mistake, that you are not satisfied...

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April 17th, 2020

How to Find Your Court Date - Part-3

Continuance court dates are usually very straight-forward in Illinois courthouses. For instance, If you go to court in Chicago and the Judge gives you a continuance, you usually leave with a slip of paper with your new date. Or sometimes, the court will send a postcard in the mail with a new date. But with...

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April 16th, 2020

How to Find Your Court Date – Part 2

Since sometime in March, counties in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, DeKalb, Will and other courts in Northern Illinois have closed their courthouses due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Most of these counties have extended their closure dates from mid-April and then once more to Mid-May. Whether the closures will again be extended through June...

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April 15th, 2020

How to Find Your Court Date – Part 1

It was only a matter of time before the Coronavirus (known as Covid 19) pandemic hit the court systems in Northern Illinois. From Chicago to Joliet and from Waukegan to St Charles, every court system has been affected by the illness that has blanketed the United States and the World. If you have a court...

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April 8th, 2020

Negotiating Favorable Plea Agreements

In every criminal case, the accused is afforded the presumption of innocence. Unless and until an individual is proven to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, each of us is cloaked with this protection. That is why one has rights under the United States Constitution, as well as the individual State Constitutions, to a trial...

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February 25th, 2020

Miranda Warnings: Myths and Truths Part 2

In last week’s blog about the Miranda Warnings, we discussed that there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how these warnings apply to a defendant’s individual case and whether a failure on the part of the police may later prove valuable in court. For decades, television has helped popularize the importance of Miranda warnings, but...

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