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Todos nuestros empleados son conscientes de que, si están enfermos, no deben presentarse a trabajar. En nuestras oficinas, también hemos tomado precauciones para proteger a todos mediante el uso de máscaras y armaduras transparentes. Además, alentamos las reuniones por teléfono, FaceTime o Zoom para ayudar a apoyar el distanciamiento social. Si usted es un cliente actual, puede estar seguro de que su caso sigue siendo una prioridad y su abogado sigue trabajando activamente de acuerdo con nuestros altos estándares.

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Desde 1990, hemos representado exitosamente a más de 20,000 clientes satisfechos. Nos esforzamos todos los días para obtener resultados superiores y dar 100% de esfuerzo en cada caso.



Practicando en defensa criminal.

Hay un número de diferentes tipos de leyes penales en Illinois, la menos grave de lo que se llama un delito aun negocio o violación de una ordenanza. Estos tipos de delitos en general, no tienen la posibilidad de cárcel o tiempo penitenciario y la cantidad máxima de dólares de multas por lo general no son tan altos como la de otros tipos de delitos. Además, los delitos de esta categoría, la policía a menudo no toman reportes policiales o huellas dactilares. El beneficio cuando no se toman las huellas digitales es que es muy poco probable que el arresto del acusado aparezca en su historial criminal una hoja, llamada antecedentes penales. Esto es de gran utilidad al solicitar empleo.

Los abogados de defensa penal en Chicago con Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC son defensores experimentados con sus clientes sin importar el nivel de delincuencia y han manejado prácticamente cualquier tipo de infracción penal en algún momento de Illinois. Llame hoy al (312) 644-0444 para hablar con un abogado sobre sus derechos y saber cómo podemos ayudarle a proteger su futuro.

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En Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC hemos construido nuestra reputación por nuestra atención a los detalles, profesionalismo y servicio personalizado. Nuestros abogados de defensa criminal proporcionan una representación agresiva, resistente y con gran experiencia para asegurarse de que usted reciba el mejor resultado posible en su caso. Le garantizamos que usted recibirá el respeto y atención que su caso merece.

Nuestra firma de abogados tiene una gran confianza en que nuestros abogados penalistas se encuentran con talento entre los más brillantes y mejores no sólo en Chicago o Illinois, sino en la nación. Puede contar con nuestra experiencia y conocimiento para lograr que su caso sea manejado correctamente. Cada miembro de nuestro equipo de defensa se compromete a ofrecerle la mejor representación legal disponible. Desde 1990, hemos estado ayudando a clientes de situaciones de legales duras.

Nuestro exito Cuentos

Fist Not Guilty Aggravated Assault

Despite multiple witnesses testifying our client had pulled a knife on a family member, we were able to convince the Judge to find our client not guilty.

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Indecency Icon Reduced Charge Felony Public Indecency

Registered sex offender previously faced mandatory lifetime registration if convicted. Prosecutor agreed to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

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cannabis Icon Dismissed Felony Cannabis Possession

Our client was arrested for a felony amount of cannabis. We filed a motion to suppress and quash arrest and were successful in winning the case.

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Great people super helpful. And they are experts and know what they are doing. I would definitely recommend them to close family or friends.

-George S.

I have always felt at ease with Mr.Sexner. He has always maintained a high level of professionalism. His firm has helped not only myself but referrals I have sent to them. They are knowledgeable, concise and very clear in explaining the law. I will always use this firm if a need arises and I will always refer my friends and family to them. Thank you for your outstanding service.

-M Laura

Mr. Sexner was AMAZING! He was very informative and understanding with my situation and my options. I looked into many other lawyers and he was by far the best I encountered. I would and will suggest him for any further business to any family or friends. He is the right guy for the job!

-Matthew G.

Thank you for the peace of mind. My case was handled professionally and successfully.

-Kelli S.

From the moment I walked in for my consultation, I knew I was in good hands. Mitchell and his team got straight to the point: they are here to help. That's exactly what they did for me. As my case progressed my lawyer was a signal of hope during a dark time. You will never have to worry about your case with Mitch Sexner and his team. They are incredibly professional and will never let you down.

-Jordan D.

Sexner & Associates is a professional, knowledgeable, thorough, talented firm. Everyone at the firm delivered on every commitment. I was impressed by their devotion to their clients and benefited from their legal counsel.

-Elaine M.

When I called Mr. Mitchell sexner, it was weekend and I had to leave town by monday. He arranged to meet me over the weekend and assured me he will take care of everything. He kept in contact and did just as promised.


Excellence, professionalism, and experienced at what they do. Keep up the great representation Mr. M. Sexner and Mr. S. Monroe..!


I had the pleasure of working with Mitchell and Owen on a recent set of traffic tickets. Not only did the tickets get thrown out but it was handled in one court appearance. I HIGHLY recommend that you consider using this law firm. They are straight forward and honest to work with and will do everything they can to help you out.


Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates recently represented me for a Class A Misdemeanor which going into didn't have favorable odds. I was looking at a misdemeanor conviction, a possible 1 year jail sentence and a $2,500.00 fine. My lawyer was able to work with the prosecuting attorney to lessen my offense... I received 6 months of supervision and a $400 fine with driving school. This was the most amazing outcome I could have ever asked for!!! I would recommend Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates to anyone in need of legal representation.


My experience with Mitch Sexner and associates are awesome, helping me in a major time if need and I'm recommending my lawyer, Mitch Sexner and his team to all my friends & family because he cares.


Very excellent and efficient job. From the moment I contacted the lawyer they started working with me. They worked with me on the consultation. Due to my busy schedule I had to do the conversion over the phone, even though, the respond from them was great. Kept up with information and call backs just like they said. The small meeting before the court with the lawyer was excellent as well. The lawyer listened to all our concerns and explained every posible choice we had, as well as the results that may come with. Everything that got done was to our benefit and our choice and the court file was great results. From start to finish great service, they showed they care, great ethics, and a job well done.


Mitchell Sexner and Owen are the best !

They help me a lot. They adviced me what to do and dissmissed the case. Excelence, Professionalism. Experienced at what they do. I recommend them. Great job!

-Nina P.

Michell Sexner & Associates have an amazing group of people. I called last minute (a day before my case) and they provided me with everything that I needed. I worked with Ari, and he is such a kind gentlemen and really helped me a lot. I was confused at how to deal with my case, but Ari assured me everything will work out. He handled my speeding situation so simply and effectively. Definitely recommend!


Sexner and Associates was the second office that I consulted regarding my case and within the first 10 minutes I knew that this was the firm for me... They made sure I understood what all my options were as well as the consequences of each option... Though everyone's case is different I was very lucky to get the deal offered given my situation and I have Sexner and Associates to thank for that... They do free consultations and have reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend contacting them for a consultation and see what they can do for you 🙂


I can't even begin to explain what an amazing law firm this is. My family and I have been using their services for over 10 years now. They have successfully helped us with bankruptcies and criminal cases. We currently have a criminal case going on and the support and help Ari has provided is unbelievable. He is smart, kind and supportive. It's the only attorneys office I know that isn't money hungry! Thank you Mitch and Ari!


When I appeared in Court on the 1st of Feb. I expected the worst and after talking with the Lawyer I hired to represent me. I discussed what happened and why I was appearing again for a two year old case. She talked with the State Attorney and came back to me with the offer of a lower fee and supervision I was so happy that I wouldn't have to worry any longer about this.


Got a DUI and got my license suspended for 6 months. I called Sexner and Associates, they called me in and told me we will take care of you. Guess what now i have no suspension, can drive with no problem, no community service. And I'm free.

Will recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are the best at theie field. Thank you Sexner and Associates.


We are very satisfied with Sexner & Associates. Our attorney Ari was very diligent in representing us in our action. We won our case due to his experience and legal acumen.


Mitch personally helped me with a difficult case, and one with few options. He gave me pragmatic advice, and a useful strategy. It is expert advise like this that people depend on... not gaming the system that lawyers are allowed to do that makes his honesty and integrity so valuable.


Mitch went above and beyond in order to help with my case. I was driving under a suspended license and his team was able to convey my duty to pay my balance (reason I was suspended) to the judge and have everything dropped. I walked away unscathed and I also have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders with his unwavering support.


I learned about Mr. Sexner when his office sent me a mail after I got arrested for driving on a suspended license and driving while using an electronic device. I honestly thought this was the end of my life because I'm an international student here and something like that could mean disaster for my future...

I remembered Mr. Sexner's name so I called his office and set up an appointment for the next day (one day before my court date). Only thing I wish is that I should have called him before. He not only accommodated me on such short notice and at a very reasonable price, he was extremely thorough, very professional, knowledgeable, and humble...

I could not be happier and I highly recommend that you meet him if you have any traffic related problems.


Since my first interview with Mitchell I felt like they took my case personal. He always made sure everything was in order. On court day I was represented by Mr.Owen. He did such an amazing job. I am very pleased with this companies services and would 100% recommend Mr.Sexner and Associates to everyone.


I had a consultation with Mr. Sexner which I was very satisfied with. I was assigned Mr. Ari Trubitt to represent me in traffic court. His confidence and knowledge was greatly appreciated by me, and I am sincerely thankful for his efforts on my behalf (my case was dismissed).


Best experience of my life !!!! My license was suspended and I was in all sorts of trouble. The law office I called before I called them said there was NOTHING that could be done. However, when I called Mitchell, he was so happy to try to help me get my license back. And they did !! Him and Mary helped my get my license within days of my consultation. Amazing experience. With their many areas of speciality, they are now my go-to law office for ANY problem I may run into. Everyone at the office is so kind. I consider it a blessing that I found them.


Mitchell was very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for this case without pushing into either direction. Mary Baccam was my attorney and she was very competent in explaining all the options and subsequent outcomes of the case. She patiently went over in explaining why ' to plea not guilty' was the best course of action and how to best represent my case. And it was a success! She was welcoming and humane in her representation and yet highly professional and competent.


I had a suspended license and Mr. Sexner assured me that i would be taken cared of. I was hesitant and very nervous but with his politeness and vast knowledge he took care of every question i had and day of the court his co-worker showed up at the time she said she would and we faced the judge and i was in and out like a new man, i would 100% recommend to all family and friends


I had my misdemeanor case handled my Mr. Sexner and his associates. They were considerate, knowledgeable, and professional. I felt very much taken care of on my court date, which was important to me.


I've used MItch Sexner and his law firm for more years than I can count and he's the best I've ever found. He's helped me with countless traffic matters and also helped my husband with his medical malpractice/products liability lawsuit as well (resulting in very large settlement). I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for experienced legal advice and successful results.


Completlely satisfied with their counsel during an extremely stressfull moment in my life. From their extensive education on my options and evolutions concerning my case, to the outcome. The glowing reviews were well founded. No high energy sales pitch and grandeous chest thumping. Straightforward, intelligent, professional counsel you can rely on.


I had some legal problems recently and didn't know what to do. I received a few mailers and called a few of them. Mitchell called me right back. He told me the worst that could happen and the best. His staff of attorneys worked hard to get me the best outcome. At all times I felt very protected by them. He also worked with me on payments and for that I am appreciative. I would highly recommend Mitchel and his staff


Fantastic experience. Extremely knowledgable, easy to talk to, answered all our questions. Really put us at ease. Would definitely call and use this law firm again!!

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