Mugging for Dummies 101

Mugging for dummies bookInterested in committing a crime and getting caught quickly? If that’s your intention, may we suggest mugging the son of the Mayor of Chicago. What a great idea. Sure, you can try to mug a county employee or two, or maybe even an alderman, but if you really want the full attention of the Chicago Police Department, go straight to the top! According to reports, this 17 year gang member, who was already on juvenile probation for possession of a stolen motor vehicle (PSMV), even robbed the Mayor’s son right across the street from his family’s North Side home. As a reward, he was charged with offenses including theft, aggravated battery and obstruction. Now that takes commitment. Bravo!

The Mayor’s son told police that he was jumped from behind and held in a chokehold by one offender while the other ran away with his iPhone. Within hours of the robbery, the iPhone was then sold to someone who then sold it to another person on Facebook. When that woman tried to activate the phone, the retailer learned that the phone had been reported stolen and police were notified.

The police have more tech tools than ever before to track phones, software and data when investigating crimes and it’s always best to steer clear of trouble and criminal activity. But if you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offense, whether felony or misdemeanor, feel free to contact Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC for a no cost consultation about your case at 1-800-996-4824 or 1-312-243-9922 any time of day.

Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : December 30, 2021