Round Lake Branch Court

Round Lake Branch Court

The Round Lake Branch Court is located at 1792 North Nicole Lane in Round Lake Beach just behind the Aldi's supermarket. At this Lake County Branch location, traffic tickets, misdemeanor cases, and local ordinances are all heard. Free parking is available at Round Lake Court.

SEXNER’S PRO LEGAL TIP: A common type of ticket heard at the Round Lake Branch Court is a speeding citation. For a long time in Illinois, speeding tickets were all “petty offenses”, which means a violation that is not punishable by jail, regardless of the circumstances. Even if a driver had 100 previous speeding tickets in the last year, once upon a time in Illinois, a judge was without power to sentence such a person to jail because the Illinois Vehicle Code didn’t provide for a sentence of jail for regular speeding tickets.

But some years ago, Illinois changed its laws and created two new classes of speeding tickets. The first is a Class B misdemeanor which allows a judge to sentence someone up to six months in jail if the speed was 26 to 34 miles per hour over the speed limit. The second class is a Class A misdemeanor that allows a judge to send someone to jail for up to a year when the speed is 35 or more over the posted speed limit.

Because these “aggravated speeding” tickets provide for the possibility of jail, judges will generally tell a defendant who comes to court without a lawyer to come back another day and bring a lawyer with him or her. That’s because these matters are serious and may adversely affect a person’s criminal record and traffic record. So, it is generally a good idea to consult with an experienced lawyer before the first court when charged with such a high speeder.

But don’t worry. Just because a ticket allows for a jail penalty doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to go to jail. Very few people actually go to jail for a speeder unless their traffic record is very, very bad. Our attorneys can review your driving record and tell you what will likely happen on your particular case.

Map to Round Lake Branch Court

Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : September 23, 2019