Mundelein Branch Court

Mundelein Branch Court

The Mundelein Branch Court is located at 105 E State Route 83 in Mundelein near the intersection of Diamond Lake Road and Illinois Routes 60 and 83. This Lake County branch court location typically handles traffic tickets, local ordinances and some misdemeanor cases. Free parking is also available onsite. Court fines and court fees for these offenses are accepted at the Mundelein Branch Court. As relates to traffic matters, certain documents necessary for driver’s license reinstatement may be provided by the Court Clerk such as Notices of Compliance and Reports of Disposition. Ask your attorney whether you need to get such a document to give to the Secretary of State to fix your license.

The Mundelein location handles cases for many local cities and villages in the Lake County area such as Buffalo Grove, Barrington, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Mundelein, Vernon Hills and Wauconda.

SEXNER’S PRO LEGAL TIP: When you have been accused of a crime, there are two basic ways that you might be charged. One is under the Illinois Criminal Code, also known as the Illinois Compiled Statutes (or ILCS). If you’ve charged in this way, it’s more likely that your case is in a main county court house such as that in Waukegan. It’s also more likely that such a charge is punishable by jail and that when you were arrested, the police took your mugshot and fingerprint data.

The other way that people are sometimes charged with a crime is by way of an ordinance violation. These crimes are not contained in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, but can be found in the laws of each individual city or municipality. In other words, most cities create their own book of laws. Although they often are very similar to the Illinois State criminal laws, they are usually different in some important ways.

If your case is a non-traffic matter and is in a branch court location, chances are that your case is an ordinance violation. That’s good. Sometimes police don’t take mug shots or fingerprints for ordinance violations and often don’t even take the offender into the station for any processing or booking. Ordinance violations usually also have less punishment associated with them and are less likely to appear on your “rap sheet”. If you’re unsure about whether you are charged with a state charge or a local ordinance violation, just ask your attorney. He or she can easily tell from your ticket or paperwork.

Map to Mundelein Branch Court

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Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : May 20, 2020