Elgin Branch Court

Elgin Branch Court

The Elgin branch court is located at 150 Dexter Court at the Elgin City Hall building. On the second floor can be found the courtroom for this branch court. This is the only room used for court in this building. There are many types of cases that are heard at this Elgin Branch Court including traffic tickets, misdemeanor cases and various local ordinance violations. Although there is free parking available outside, pay close attention to the signage because some spots can only be used for limited parking times.

SEXNER’S PRO LEGAL TIP: Many types of traffic and criminal matters are heard at the Elgin Branch Court. Yet every criminal charge and every traffic ticket is different. We often hear from clients that they had a friend or a relative who had “exactly the same” type of case and that this or that happened to them in court. Well, we can tell you that after helping clients on over 15,000 cases during the last 25+ years, we’ve never seen two cases that were exactly the same.

You may be charged with the same type of case as another person, but yours will be unique. People have different criminal records, different traffic records and the facts of each case are usually different as well. But even if you find someone with the same history as you and the same type of charge, the cases will still differ.

Every courthouse and every county has a different attitude about criminal and traffic cases so some court locations will generally be more harsh or more lenient than others. –And on any given day, the prosecutor on a case may be different than the day before, with some prosecutors harder to deal with than others. The same is of course true of judges as well. Even the same prosecutors and judges may approach a case differently from one day to the next, depending on any number of outside forces.

So our attorneys at Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC consider each case individually and we make sure to find the best approach for your particular case after carefully reviewing your personal history and case facts.

Map to Elgin Branch Court

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Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : May 20, 2020