Todd A. McCutcheon

Todd A. McCutcheon

Todd A. McCutcheon is a Senior Associate Attorney at Sexner & Associates LLC and a highly skilled litigator with nearly 20 years of experience in both criminal and traffic matters. Over the course of his remarkable career, he has handled a wide variety of cases ranging from traffic matters and DUIs to the most serious criminal offenses including reckless homicide and murder charges.

Mr. McCutcheon began his legal career at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and later became a prosecutor for the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office handling every imaginable type of criminal subject. Assigned to manage cases in the traffic, misdemeanor and felony divisions, he spent years sharpening his legal skills before turning his considerable talents towards defending those accused of criminal offenses. For the last decade, Attorney McCutcheon has built upon his successful history of legal representation focusing on criminal and traffic defense in private practice and continues to do so at Sexner & Associates LLC.

In addition to the honor of being appointed Special Prosecutor, Todd has traveled all over the state of Illinois defending numerous clients charged with attempted murder in self-defense shooting cases. Most recently, Attorney McCutcheon also successfully prosecuted criminal charges against the Highland Park mass shooter’s father, Bobby Crimo Jr. in an historic case which was the very first such criminal prosecution in our country’s history.

Concentrating his considerable legal talents in the areas of criminal and traffic law, Mr. McCutcheon seeks to bring justice and fairness to what may often seem to some as an unjust or unfair judicial system. Todd understands that the true purpose of any court proceeding is to help defendants move towards a more productive life, not merely to punish.

To that end, Todd is a relentless and passionate advocate for the best interests of his clients and is known for mounting an aggressive defense for each and every person who he has the privilege of representing. While others may fold under pressure, Todd ‘s reputation is that of a lawyer who refuses to back down in the face of opposition. He has successfully litigated hundreds of cases at trial before judges and dozens more before juries.

If you would like to discuss your case during a free initial consultation with Attorney McCutcheon, he can be reached at (312) 644-0444 or directly at his email address of