Rolling Meadows Courthouse

Rolling Meadows Courthouse

The Rolling Meadows Courthouse is located at 2121 West Euclid Avenue in Rolling Meadows, just across the street from the Arlington Park race track. This courthouse is also known as the Cook County District 3 Court. Felonies, various ordinance violations, traffic offenses and misdemeanors are just some of the types of cases heard at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse. There is a free parking garage right behind the Rolling Meadows courthouse but do try to get there early to get a spot if possible.

SEXNER’S PRO LEGAL TIP: Almost everybody has a cell phone these days. But almost every courthouse also has a strict policy about cell phones. Most of these policies relate to the fact that phones have cameras and photos/videos are not allowed in courtrooms. Some locations allow a person to bring a cell phone into the building as long as it is turned off, while others strictly forbid phones. Of those courts that don’t allow phones inside, problems often arise for people that only learn of this policy after waiting a long time in line to get in.

Some such court locations will allow the visitor to put their phone in a locker or in an envelope to be held at the front door. But others will simply turn the person away and tell them to store it somewhere and then return to the line. This is a problem if time is running short before court starts. It’s an even bigger problem if the visitor didn’t even drive to court and has no car within which to store the phone. What is one to do? Put it under a rock or hide it behind a bush? It can be a big problem.

So, if in doubt, it is best to ask your attorney ahead of time (at least a day or two before) whether phones are allowed at your particular courthouse. That way, you can arrive at your court room on time, and not have to worry about being sent away to store your phone elsewhere.

Map to Rolling Meadows Courthouse

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Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : May 20, 2020