What Do I Do If My Pizza Comes with Extra Drugs?!

PizzaUsually, when you order a pizza, you just get dough, cheese, some pepperoni or whatever other toppings you wanted. And maybe some breadsticks. Every now and again, however, life can throw you a curve ball and you find yourself with something unexpected.

For example, if you ordered pizza from a certain Papa John's in Washington State and asked for "extra olives," then you would probably get a bag of cocaine with your order. If you ever find yourself accidentally in possession of an illegal substance, report it to Chicago police immediately and contact a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Large Pizza, Hold the Cocaine!

Police in Washington State successfully completed an undercover investigation into a Papa John's in the area. What they found was two employees and three of their friends who sold drugs through the restaurant. Customers would tell the employees while ordering a pizza to "give it extra olives," which was the code for including cocaine with the pizza for an extra charge.

In this bizarre twist, someone simply wanting more olives on his pizza could have accidentally ended up with a bag of cocaine! If you ever find yourself in this situation, contact local law enforcement immediately to report the drugs and explain how you attained them. There may already be an investigation underway, or you could tip off police to illegal activity in your area.

Whatever you do, don’t keep the drugs. That can result in a criminal violation and charges against you.

Should I Call a Lawyer If I Find Illegal Substances?

If you happen upon drugs accidentally, you might be worried about reporting it to the police in case they suspect you. Contact a criminal defense attorney to help you oversee the process of reporting what you have found. A lawyer can advise you on your rights and make sure the police do not harass you or treat you like a suspect for your good deed. You might not need a lawyer in such a situation, but it’s better to have one and not need one, than to need one and not have one.

If you have been charged with any drug offense, call Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC at (312) 644-0444. Speak with one of our experienced Chicago drug crime attorneys today and let us fight to protect your rights.

Written by Mitchell S. Sexner Last Updated : August 4, 2020