Matthew J. Medina

Attorney Matthew Medina is a Senior Associate Attorney at Sexner & Associates LLC, as well as a published legal author and an adjunct law instructor. He attended Chicago’s Loyola University and the University of Illinois College of Law, where he received a distinction for his Appellate Oral Advocacy skills. Mr. Medina first began his legal career as a staff attorney providing free legal services including securing emergency orders of protection for victims of domestic violence, training other attorneys, and authoring training materials related to the Illinois domestic Violence Act.

He then was hired by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, one of the largest prosecutor’s offices in America. Over the course of nearly 14 years, he prosecuted a wide assortment of criminal and traffic cases including those involving first-degree murder, aggravated DUI, armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated arson and reckless homicide. While there, he received a wide variety of legal training, serving assignments in various departments including the Criminal Appeals Division, Domestic Violence Unit, Children’s Advocacy Center, Cook County Grand Jury and Preliminary Hearings Section. This diverse legal training is one of the main reasons that Mr. Medina is highly proficient at evaluating criminal and traffic matters and the likely reason for his high degree of achievements as a trial attorney. In fact, during his time as an Assistant State’s Attorney, he took part in dozens of jury trials and nearly 1000 bench trials as well.

In addition to his success in the courtroom, Attorney Medina is a legal author, having published two books "Winning Court Testimony for Law Enforcement Officers" and "Real World Search & Seizure", soon to be in it’s third printing. He has also written legal training materials, magazine articles and is a weekly contributor to the website blog.

He’s also a teacher, having taught at the College of DuPage and as an Adjunct Law Instructor at the Northwestern Business College and the Citizen’s Police Academy on the subjects of criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law and legal writing. He’s well-liked by his students, having received “straight A” student evaluations and having been voted “Best Instructor”.

For further information or to set up a free consultation to speak to Matt Medina, contact him at Sexner & Associates LLC at (312) 644-0444 or by email at