Covid-19 Update:

Sexner & Associates LLC supports our governmental agencies in their fight against Covid-19. We remain open for business and our phone lines remain open 24/7 to assist our clients.
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All of our employees are aware that if they are sick, they are not to report to work. At our locations, we have also taken precautions to protect all parties through the use of masks and clear shielding. In addition, we encourage meetings by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom to help support social distancing. If you are a current client, be assured that your case remains a priority and is being actively managed by your attorney in accordance with our high standards.

DUI Calculator

Were You Transporting A Child Under The Age Of 16 At The Time Of The DUI Violation?

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If at the time that you were charged with a DUI, one or more children under the age of 16 were present in the vehicle, regardless of whether an accident or injury occurred, then answer “YES” to this question. If no children under the age of 16 were present, then answer “NO”.