One Of The Largest Known Settlements In Winnebago County


$6.2 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

GavelWhen a Rockford doctor performed brain surgery on a 58-year-old man for a benign cyst, the man fell into a weeks-long coma and remained cognitively disabled with a debilitating brain injury. The resulting lawsuit, in which we alleged that the surgeon’s failure to use available brain navigation equipment amounted to medical negligence, and led to one of the largest-known settlements in the history of Winnebago County. [ Read more ]

$3 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Failure To Follow Up On Presence Of Ovarian Cyst

An Illinois doctor who learned that a complex cyst was the source of a patient’s pain faced a lawsuit after failing to inform her or scheduling further testing and treatment. The cyst turned into an aggressive ovarian cancer requiring intensive treatment. When she and her partner filed a lawsuit, our attorneys were able to secure a settlement of $3 million dollars, one of the largest such settlements for a same-sex couple in state history. [ Read more ]

$3 Million Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Iron Worker Who Fell Off Ladder Suffered Multiple Bone Breaks

When a ladder slid out from beneath a Union ironworker, he fell two stories and bounced off of a skid of cinder blocks. After hiring one of our experienced attorneys as his personal injury lawyer, his case ultimately resulted in a total of $3 million in proceeds from a workers’ compensation settlement and a third party settlement that were filed alleging negligent conditions leading to his serious fall injuries. [ Read more ]

$2.8 Million Personal Injury Verdict

Misdiagnosis Of Congestive Heart Failure Leading To Death

We represented the family of a man who died of congestive heart failure and sued the doctor who misdiagnosed him. Incorrectly diagnosed as having pneumonia, our client’s condition was actually much more serious than diagnosed and the doctor failed to advise him to seek more appropriate treatment. After the doctor’s insurance company then dismissed the idea of offering a reasonable settlement, the family agreed to have our attorneys take them to court to have the matter heard by a jury. Our attorneys, who are experienced with personal injury verdicts in Chicago, argued their case and the jury verdict was returned with an award of $2.8 million. [ Read more ]

$2.5 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Failure To Diagnose Lung Cancer Leading To Death

A 73-year-old woman died from cancer after consulting with multiple medical professionals who all failed to find a tumor on one of her lungs. This happened despite available information that lung cancer ran in her family, as well as symptoms she displayed after a paralyzing stroke. With the assistance of our legal team, surviving family members secured a large $2.5 million settlement from the medical providers’ insurance company. [ Read more ]

$1.6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Medical Malpractice Resulting In Loss Of Leg Muscles

A young man who sought treatment for a broken leg later lost use of those muscles in that leg due to a life-threatening medical syndrome and later sought the assistance of our attorneys experienced with personal injury verdicts in Chicago. One of our attorneys filed a lawsuit for him, alleging that the hospital he visited and the doctor who treated him had failed to take appropriate measures that would have prevented this permanent condition from developing. Fearing that a potential jury verdict might be very large, the doctor and hospital ultimately agreed to settle the claim for $1.6 million. [ Read more ]

$1.5 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Failure To Treat Sores Which Required A Leg Amputation

A patient recovering from spinal surgery experienced further pain and suffering after developing ulcers – which later led to infection, gangrene, and loss of her leg. A lawsuit was filed on her behalf, alleging that the failure of medical personnel to shift her in bed or spot the ulcers were clear examples of medical malpractice. A jury trial was undertaken, but near the end of the trial, the medical providers’ insurance company agreed to settle the case for $1.5 million, rather than risk a much higher jury verdict. [ Read more ]

$900,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Failure To Diagnose Pneumonia Leading To Death

A 63-year-old woman experienced shortness of breath, which turned into a severe dry cough that left her unable to sleep. Her long-time doctor assured her that nothing was wrong. By the time she visited a clinic and learned that she had advanced pneumonia, it was too late to save her and she died. Our attorneys, experienced with personal injury settlements in Chicago and representing the woman’s adult children, filed a suit and negotiated aggressively to obtain a settlement in the amount of $900,000. [ Read more ]

$875,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Negligent Response To Dislodged Tracheostomy Tube Resulting In Death

When a stroke patient required a tracheostomy tube to assist with breathing, his nurses were tasked with making sure that his tube didn’t obstruct his air passage. Tragically, he died when the tube became dislodged, and his family contacted our legal team to sue those responsible for negligence. Our attorneys then negotiated with the medical insurance company for a settlement of $875,000 [ Read more ]

$600,000 Work Comp Wrongful Death Settlement

Work-Related Auto Accident Resulting In Death

A 41-year-old truck driver was killed when a gravel truck collided with his own vehicle on the job. Long after the workers’ compensation case was settled and his two children had already accepted settlements, his widow was still attempting to obtain a higher settlement for herself without success. But within a year of hiring our law firm, she was awarded $600,000 for her late husband’s wrongful death; an amount far in excess of the previous settlement offer made to her. [ Read more ]

$590,000 Nursing Home Neglect Settlement

Nursing Home Neglect That Led To Death

A woman with a tracheostomy was transferred to a nursing home that was tasked with caring for her special needs. However, she came to suffer from dehydration, pneumonia, and sepsis due to serious neglect. After her untimely death, her children hired our attorneys, who reached an agreement with the nursing home for a cash settlement amount of $590,000. [ Read more ]

$500,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Multiple Surgeries To Correct A Fractured Pelvis And Leg

A Chicago woman received treatment for life-threatening injuries after a head-on collision with an off-duty police officer, later charged with a DUI. After years of therapy, multiple surgeries, and $150,000 in medical expenses, she hired our attorneys, who are experienced with personal injury settlements in Chicago. Our legal team was able to get her the maximum settlement amount that the other party’s insurance policy permitted under law: half a million dollars. [ Read more ]

$475,000 Sexual Abuse Settlement

Sexual Molestation By An Archdiocese Priest

A man who survived a long period of sexual abuse by a Chicago priest contacted our firm to seek compensation for the molestation. In order to avoid the necessity of telling a courtroom about the more personal details of this horrific experience, our attorneys, skilled with personal injury settlements in Chicago, negotiated a settlement of $475,000 on his behalf. [ Read more ]

$350,000 Sexual Abuse Settlement

Minor Who Was Sexually Assaulted In A Hospital

An older male patient at a medical facility assaulted a young girl who was also undergoing treatment there. The family, on behalf of the girl, who required extensive treatment for her severe trauma, sued the facility for failing to provide a safe environment. Much of the money from the ensuing $350,000 settlement, is now in a trust account intended to support her as she copes with the life-long effects of the assault. [ Read more ]

$325,000 Worker’s Compensation Settlement

Window Washer Injured Ankle on the Job

Attorneys affiliated with the Sexner legal team filed a worker’s compensation claim and also a third-party claim for an ankle injury that occurred while on the job.  Our client was a window wash washer assigned to wash high-rise windows at one Chicago’s tallest and more prestigious building residences. As he and one of his coworkers were moving the equipment into place in order to begin the job, the window washer rig ran into his foot and he injured his ankle.  Our experienced attorneys argued that the reason it hit his ankle was that the steering bar (that he was supposed to be controlling) was bent and that’s why it moved to the side and hit him before he could realize what happened.  [ Read more ]

$300,000 Car Accident Settlement

Leg Injuries To A Woman Sustained In An Auto Accident

A woman trying to jump-start her car battery received severe leg injuries when another car slammed into hers as she stood in front of it. While she faced high medical bills from the surgeries and the therapy needed to help her heal, our attorneys filed a lawsuit against the insurance company responsible. Despite initially refusing to offer a settlement, the responsible insurance company eventually agreed to a settlement of $300,000. [ Read more ]

$290,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Work Injury Sustained While Digging A Hole

Our attorneys filed worker’s comp injury claims with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission on behalf of a public works department employee. This man needed multiple surgeries after first hurting his back while trying to fix a water main break, then injuring it further after slipping and falling while on the job the following week. A settlement of $290,000 was secured on his behalf to help with his financial recovery and his continued treatment while he recovered from damages to his nerves and his spine. [ Read more ]

$275,000 Nursing Home Abuse Settlement

Nursing Home Neglect Involving Bedsores Leading To Death

After their father died through neglect and insufficient care by the nursing facility in which he lived, his children contacted our attorneys, who then filed a lawsuit against the facility. The father had developed a large bedsore, a kind of ulcer that develops when patients are not moved or turned in bed for long periods of time, and we demonstrated that he was not treated properly. The lump-sum settlement here amounted to $275,000. [ Read more ]

$260,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Iron Worker Loses Grip Strength in Hand

A Union ironworker who needed surgery for severing a tendon while working filed a lawsuit once it became apparent that his hand would never fully heal. His career as an ironworker suffered because he was not able to grip or lift objects like he could before the accident. Through the efforts of our law firm, he was able to receive a settlement of $260,000. [ Read more ]

$235,000 Trip and Fall Settlement

Accident While Entering Store Results in Surgery

One of our clients came to us after tripping on a sign left by a store on the sidewalk. She required treatment for a fracture of her wrist, stitches for a cut over her eye, and surgery for her rotator cuff. The store’s insurance company eventually agreed to our attorney’s demand amounting to a settlement of $235,000. [ Read more ]

$228,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Carpenter Injured By Electricity While On The Job

A construction worker was awarded two separate settlements after he accidentally hit electrical lines on the job, leaving him with severe injuries including cuts and lacerations. One of the lawsuits filed was a third-party claim for negligence at the site where he worked, and the other was for a workers comp claim filed at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The total awarded and settled exceeded $228,000. [ Read more ]

$225,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Work Related Injury To Shoulder, Arm And Neck

When a man received injuries in his shoulder, arm, and neck while on the job, he looked for professional legal assistance. Our attorneys, who have decades of experience with personal injury settlements in Chicago, helped him file a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. He was then granted $225,000 in a settlement. [ Read more ]

$225,000 Product Liability Settlement

Product Liability Case Involving Defective Shoes

One of our clients was a nurse who needed to walk with an orthopedic shoe. When the shoe’s sole detached and fell off one day, she fell and sustained severe injuries that required therapy and surgery. Our attorneys then sued the manufacturer over their defective product, resulting in a settlement in the amount of $225,000 on her behalf, and eliminating the necessity of a long jury trial. [ Read more ]

$225,000 Car Accident Settlement

Family Of Four Rear-Ended In An Auto Accident

Our clients were a family of four who suffered severe injuries following a car accident, despite the fact the collision itself was considered to be relatively low impact and low speed. But although most insurance companies view such car accidents as suspect and typically do not believe that serious injury usually follows such collisions, our skilled legal team of attorneys was nevertheless able to secure $225,000 in a settlement. [ Read more ]

$200,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Undiagnosed Lung Cancer Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys, experienced with personal injury verdicts and lawsuits in Chicago, represented a client whose doctors failed to recognize that he had been exhibiting symptoms and signs of possible lung cancer. Our attorneys were able to reach an agreement for a settlement of $200,000 from the insurance companies who represented the doctors and medical facilities involved. [ Read more ]

$179,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Slipped On A Wet Curb Resulting In Injury To Back And Neck

A prior client of ours was awarded $179,000 by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for injuries that occurred when he slipped on a curb covered in wet leaves and landed on his neck and back. He needed extensive treatment for these injuries, and the settlement received was instrumental in helping him in his journey to get his life back on track. [ Read more ]

$170,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Worker Injured When Fell Off Of Truck

A man working near the back of a truck fell off and hit a concrete barrier when the truck moved unexpectedly. The resulting injuries, including chest trauma and fractures, ultimately led to a $170,000 settlement that was negotiated by our attorneys. [ Read more ]

$175,000 Motor Vehicle Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting In Multiple Fractures

A passenger involved in a vehicle collision needed therapy and treatment for her concussion, lung contusions, and other serious traumas. She contacted our attorneys for assistance due to our knowledge of personal injury verdicts in Chicago, and rather than enduring a years-long trial process, we negotiated a $175,000 settlement on her behalf. [ Read more ]

$155,000 Car Accident Settlement

Multiple Surgeries To Correct Arm Fractures

A married couple who needed treatment for serious fractures after another driver crashed into their car received a gross settlement of $155,000 which we negotiated on their behalf. The other driver had run a stop sign, which we were able to demonstrate as the cause of the accident. [ Read more ]

$155,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Workers’ Comp Injury To Lower Back

A man hired one of our attorneys to file a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission after injuring his lower back on the job. At the conclusion of extensive negotiations, we were able to obtain a $155,000 settlement as compensation. [ Read more ]

$140,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Lower Back Injury While On The Job

In a different case involving a lower back injury on the job, a worker who hurt himself while carrying something heavy up a flight of stairs filed with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission with the help of our legal team and ultimately received a settlement of $140,000. [ Read more ]

$125,000 Nursing Home Neglect Settlement

Man Who Fell And Broke His Hip While In A Nursing Home

A nursing home patient died due to complications from a broken hip. A negligence lawsuit was filed against the nursing home, which agreed to settle with the widow of the deceased in the amount of $125,000. [ Read more ]

$120,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Rear-End Collision Resulting In Serious Back Injuries

With the assistance of our experienced attorneys, a woman who suffered a severe back injury after being rear-ended while driving received $120,000 in a lump-sum settlement from the responsible driver’s insurance company. [ Read more ]

$104,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Injury While Lifting A Heavy Package On The Job

One of our clients hurt his ACL and shoulder while lifting a heavy package on the job. After filing a claim, our attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $104,000 in benefits from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. [ Read more ]

$100,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Man In Auto Accident Who Suffered Multiple Broken Bones

When a Chicago driver ran a red light, another driver found himself in the emergency room, requiring multiple surgeries for broken bones. As a result of the hard work of our attorneys, skilled in handling personal injury settlements in Chicago, our client secured $100,000 as a cash settlement from the other party. [ Read more ]

Disclaimer* Listed above is a sampling of verdicts and settlements that have been recovered in conjunction with affiliated law firms for which Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC has shared legal responsibility. These verdicts and settlements are presented for illustrative purposes only and represent only a small portion of the many millions of dollars awarded to our deserving injured clients and their families. But as no two cases are alike, these results should not be construed as a guarantee or prediction that we will obtain these or similar results on any other case. For assistance with personal injury verdicts in Chicago, contact us today at (800) 996-4824 for a free consultation.