Common Breaks Suffered in Illinois Pedestrian Accidents  

Pedestrian AccidentRecently, a Bridgeview man was involved in a serious pedestrian accident. The man was struck attempting to cross the street on the 8400 block of Harlem Avenue. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the 26-year old man had to be extricated from the windshield of the car and suffered numerous broken bones as a result of being struck. Unfortunately for him, officers at the scene realized that he was drunk and may have contributed to the accident happening. He was subsequently charged with being intoxicated in a roadway and improper crossing of a street.

Despite the man’s possible fault in the situation, his injuries illustrate just how dangerous pedestrian accidents can be. The human body is no match for a motor vehicle traveling at a normal rate of speed. Broken bones are quite common in such collisions, leaving victims in tremendous pain. The following are just some of the more common types of breaks victims of pedestrian accidents may face:

  • Fractured Ribs – The rib cage surrounding your upper body is designed to protect many vital organs, such as your lung and heart. It is also quite susceptible to damage, especially if blunt force trauma is involved.
  • Hand, Wrist, and Arm Fractures – Most people involved in a crash will instinctively raise their arms to cushion the blow. While this may help, it can also lead to fractures of the hands, wrist, or arm bones.
  • Skull Fractures – Because of the force involved in a car crash, many victims end up striking their head on hard surfaces at great force. The potential for a skull fracture is very high in these types of incidents.

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