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Chicago is no stranger to big fires and is arguably home to the most infamous blaze in United States history. Yet, fire deaths in Chicago are among the lowest in the nation, and the city is more than prepared to tackle even the worst cases. That includes suspicious fires that may lead to an arson investigation. Illinois law states arson is when someone knowingly uses fire or explosives to destroy property worth over a certain value without permission or with the intent to defraud an insurer. If you own even part of a property, destroying it intentionally can still be considered arson. There are serious repercussions for arson and these vary depending on where the arson takes place and how much is destroyed.

What is Residential and Place of Worship Arson?

Residential arson in Chicago is when a person knowingly uses explosives or fire to either partially damage or destroy someone’s home. This also applies to houses of worship, and both instances are considered felonies under the eyes of the law.

What is Aggravated Arson?

This is much more severe than a standard arson charge and could result in extensive prison time. A person may be charged with aggravated arson in circumstances which include when:

  • They know people are inside the building that is set on fire or
  • Anyone suffered severe bodily harm or became disabled due to the fire or
  • Law enforcement officials such as police, corrections officer, or firefighter were hurt on the scene of the fire

Possessing Explosives or Incendiary Devices

It is a felony to be caught transporting or possessing any explosive devices that are intended for use to commit arson or another criminal offense. You can also be charged with this felony if you manufacture or possess any explosive devices knowing that another intends to commit a felony with them.

What Happens During an Arson Investigation?

If there is any suspicion about the cause of a fire, the State Fire Marshall will likely come to the scene of the fire to investigate and will work with witnesses to gather evidence. They will also appear in court if the case is brought to trial. An arson investigator might be used to look into suspicious fires including those where:

  • The property belongs to the state, the government, or is a school
  • Someone dies in the fire
  • A law enforcement official is hurt or killed while on scene
  • There was a death or serious injury
  • The property involved includes a large dollar loss

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